Jennifer Ross Painting Self-portrait of Gordon Ross

Gordon and Jennifer Ross

Photo Perspectives and Original Art in Pastel

Gordon and Jennifer Ross live in a renovated mid 1800s cottage in Port Perry, Ontario. They welcome visitors to their Studio and Gallery.

They each have developed very different ways of looking at the world through their artistic interpretations.

Jennifer uses her skills with dry pastel to explore the detail and intricacy of landscapes, townscapes and the subtleties of light and weather.

Gordon allows us to re-examine the objects around us and see them in a different and richer way through a technique which he calls Photo Perspectives.

They have many other compelling interests other than art. Jennifer is an accomplished cook and fervent gardener. Gordon is a cabinetmaker and long-time restorer of classic British sports cars.

This site will allow you to glimpse the world through their eyes, which we hope you will enjoy.